There are plenty of places to park downtown!

ICB leases out the parking lot next to Revolution, so our guests can park for free!

Some things to keep in mind about free parking:
• There are limited spaces in the lot, so once they are filled up, free parking is filled up! We recommend and request that our guests carpool so that more people have a chance to park for free.
• Additionally, to ensure that our free spaces are being utilized by ICB shoppers and not other downtown patrons, an ICB representative will request one entrance fee at the car. Keep in mind, this is not a parking fee. Rather, it is the admission fee that would normally be taken at the door and guests will receive an admission bracelet. This measure is just to make sure as many shoppers are receiving free spaces as possible!

Other parking options:

• City parking garage just East of the venue, on Broward Blvd.
• Metered parking surrounding the building.
• Privately owned parking lots.

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