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Is this event held indoors or outdoors?

Indie Craft Bazaar is both indoors and outdoors.

Revolution Live is a two story indoor venue where a large portion of the vendor booths are setup. Raffle prizes and some activities take place in the indoor portion.

During an ICB event, we often utilize America’s Backyard, as well. This is a separate courtyard venue that is connected to Revolution. While most areas of America’s Backyard are covered with canopies, the venue feels outdoorsy with tons of natural light and open air.

What is Indie Craft Bazaar?

Indie Craft Bazaar (commonly referred to as ‘ICB’) is an independent art and handmade festival that takes place every two to three months! Over 65 artists, crafters and designers unite to set up a unique and one of a kind pop-up shop with all sorts of of handmade and vintage goods.

Where does Indie Craft Bazaar take place?

Indie Craft Bazaar is held at Revolution Live in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Fl. For directions and further information regarding the venue, please visit our Location page.

Where do I park?

There are plenty of places to park downtown!

ICB leases out the parking lot next to Revolution, so our guests can park for free!

Some things to keep in mind about free parking:
• There are limited spaces in the lot, so once they are filled up, free parking is filled up! We recommend and request that our guests carpool so that more people have a chance to park for free.
• Additionally, to ensure that our free spaces are being utilized by ICB shoppers and not other downtown patrons, an ICB representative will request one entrance fee at the car. Keep in mind, this is not a parking fee. Rather, it is the admission fee that would normally be taken at the door and guests will receive an admission bracelet. This measure is just to make sure as many shoppers are receiving free spaces as possible!

Other parking options:

• City parking garage just East of the venue, on Broward Blvd.
• Metered parking surrounding the building.
• Privately owned parking lots.

What is a swag bag and how do I get one?

A swag bag is a gift bag given to the first 100 guests through the door at Indie Craft Bazaar. The bags are distributed as a ‘thank you’ to guests, and act as a marketing connection between small businesses and community-conscious consumers.

Each bag contains a variety of items including sample items, coupons, handmade trinkets from vendors, tokens of gratitude from ICB, candy, promo items and more!

Shoppers interested in receiving a free swag bag need to be one of the first 100 through the door. Guests tend to line up prior to the start of the event to get one, so we’d recommended arriving a few minutes early!

For information on how to get your businesses items or promotional materials into the bags, check out our swag bag inclusion page.

When does the event take place?

Indie Craft Bazaar takes place every two to three months. There are no exact dates set for each year, but the upcoming events are typically announced about a month and a half in advance. For frequent updates on upcoming shows, be sure to stay in the loop via our upcoming events page, contacting us, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Is there an admission fee?

Admittance into Indie Craft Bazaar costs $5. Included with each admission is a free raffle ticket to enter into hourly handmade giveaways, access to 65+ vendor booths, free parking (please see parking info for details) and access to DIY booths / additional activities.

Is this event cash only?

While we do recommend having cash on hand for the show, many vendors do accept credit cards. There is also an ATM on site (inside Revolution to the right of the main bar).

Are all ages welcome?

Absolutely! While there are alcoholic beverages available for sale at the bar areas for 21+ guests, this event is very laid back and family friendly!

Each event offers a different experience, but please check details on the upcoming bazaar, as we often offer kid friendly DIY activities!

Is food available at the show?

Yes! You’ll find gourmet baked goods and treats, beverages (regular and alcoholic) and lunch options. We strive to maintain a variety of options, so you’ll often see vegan and vegetarian choices, as well.

Are there any activities at ICB?

Surely! In addition to some great shopping, guests can enjoy a range of activities, including:

• DIY Booths
• Live Music
• Hourly Raffle Giveaways
• Drink Specials
• Photo Booth Opportunities
• and more!

The programming for each show is a bit different, so be sure to check on specific show information to find out what you’ll enjoy at the upcoming fair!

How many vendors participate and what can I expect to see?

Indie Craft Bazaar typically has about 65 (and in some seasons closer to 75-80) participating vendors.

We choose our vendors based on variety and quality, so shoppers can expect to see a wide range of handmade and vintage items. Accessories, jewelry, home decor, clothing, bath and body products; shoppers are sure to find some of the most unique and interesting goods in town!

Is the event rain or shine?

Yep! The majority of vendors are indoors and covered, so ICB will take place rain or shine.

Vendor (7)

How can I become a vendor?

With each Indie Craft Bazaar, interested participants are asked to submit a vendor application. A new application is required for each show.

As applications are received, they are reviewed by ICB personnel and, if approved, applicants receive an email with detailed instructions on how to reserve space.

Applications are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Rather, they are approved in batches based on quality, pricing, variety, whether they match the aesthetic of ICB and various factors.

What types of items am I allowed to sell?

At Indie Craft Bazaar, vendors can ONLY sell items that are handmade by them, vintage or crafting supplies (on a case by case basis). As this is a handmade fair, it is very important to us that we uphold this rule.

If you are uncertain of whether your products would be permissible or not, please feel free to contact us.

Can I sell imported handmade items or other handmade good I personally did not produce?

In short: All items you sell MUST be handmade by YOU (or vintage). At this particular show, we aim to celebrate the handmade movement, local artists and small businesses. In order to uphold our integrity, it is vital we stick to this.

Imported items, handmade or mass produced, cannot be sold at Indie Craft Bazaar.
Handmade items purchased for resale cannot be sold.

I do not sell handmade items but would like to participate in shows. Do you have any other shows for vendors like me?

We do produce other types of shows, including vintage & antique shows, events featuring small businesses, food shows, etc.

Please contact us for information on upcoming opportunities.

Can my friend and I share a booth at Indie Craft Bazaar?

Under a couple circumstances; absolutely! We love variety and understand it is sometimes easier to get your toes wet with a shared space.

• All vendors MUST submit application (separate or together) and be approved. In other words, all items being sold must be accounted for. A vendor cannot choose to give up a part of their space to another vendor if the second vendor was not approved to sell their goods.
• Vendors sharing a space must still remain in the allotted 6 foot table space. Extra setup space is not permissible.

How much does it cost to vend?

Vendor space varies between $45-$65 based on location within the show.

All setup materials are provided by vendors, but a limited amount of tables are available for a rental fee of $8.

One parking space per booth is provided, free of charge.

How do I know if I am accepted to vend?

If a vendor is accepted to vend in the show, they will receive an email with further information on how to secure space. Until an acceptance email is received, applicants are not permitted to secure space.

Due to the short amount of time in between each show, it often takes up until even the week of the event to fully secure all spaces.